About Navitar

Navitar designs, develops and manufactures innovative optical solutions for clients and enterprises across the globe. Solutions include complete optomechanical and optoelectronic assembly and sub-assembly systems. Our products range from high magnification motorized zoom imaging systems to fisheye projection lenses used in a wide variety of industries including Life Sciences, Industrial Imaging, Microscopy and Projection.

The key to our success is our consultative approach to solving complex optical problems through inventive design techniques, the precision at which product is assembled, and the efficiency in which projects move through our business units.


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Navitar products are proudly designed and built in the USA and are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for life. See our Support section for full details.

Mission and Vision Statements

Expanding Our Capabilities

Navitar acquired Hyperion Development in February 2016. Hyperion Development has a history of designing innovative next generation Deep Ultraviolet (DUV) and Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) semiconductor lithography systems. Their optical solutions range from ultra-precision microscope objectives, high volume electronic imaging lenses, cine prime lenses, mobile medical solutions, and infrared (IR) solutions for aerospace, defense, and photonics applications.  

Navitar has engineering, design, and production facilities located in San Ramon, CA, Denville, NJ and Rochester, NY.

In January 2017, Navitar acquired Pixelink, a Canadian camera manufacturer. Based in Ottawa, ON, Canada, Pixelink manufactures, optimizes and integrates industrial cameras for machine vision applications and microscope cameras for life science and digital microscopy applications. Product offerings include CMOS and CCD sensors, coupled with state-of-the-art high speed digital technologies such as USB 3.0, FireWire (IEEE 1394), USB 2.0 and Gigabit Ethernet (GigE). Pixelink’s latest camera models are equipped with the 12.3 MPixel Sony Pregius IMX253 (1.1”) and 8.9MPixel IMX255 (1”) sensors which support 4K Ultra HD video. 

Design Partners

We partner with OEMs, system integrators, projector manufacturers and individuals to design custom optical solutions that match application specific requirements. We have become an invaluable resource for our customers in many new industries whose applications help them stay on the leading edge of tomorrow's technology today.

Experience You Can Trust

With diverse expertise, our solution team includes optical, mechanical, quality, electrical and process engineers. We employ a highly-skilled assembly and testing team along with a dedicated group of solution managers that will assist in guiding all aspects of each project. 

Navitar excels at all phases of engineering from project definition, feasibility, optical & mechanical design, manufacturing, and testing.

Prototype to Large Scale Production

Located in Rochester, NY, our production facility manages a wide range of manufacturing volumes with speed, reliability and repeatability. Applications that require lower volumes and higher precision are typically managed by our Special Optics division.

Trademark and Patents

Navitar is an extremely unique trademark in the world that was created by the founder of Navitar, Inc., Mr. David Goldstein, in 1954 and is currently registered world-wide. Navitar also has registered our various product trademarks individually. Navitar and our affiliated companies sell products world-wide into numerous industries and numerous industry classifications.  

Note: Navitar has a long history of aggressively protecting our IP and trademark rights in international markets.

Navitar has the following trademarks registered in China:

Trademark and Registration Number

Navitar /  3759853

Navitar / 3906723

Special Optics / 1248888

Zoom 6000 / 1242392

Optical Wizard / 1294444

Easy Reader / 1273885

HemiStar / 1231090

MagniStar / 1245690

MicroMate / Pending

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