4K HDR Lenses

Navitar has developed a family of high resolution lenses for demanding imaging applications such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and autonomous vehicle (AV) forward-facing camera systems. Multiple fields of view are offered for 1/2", 2/3" and 1" sensor formats.

Navitar's 4K HDR lenses are produced with state-of-the-art multi-layer anti-reflection coatings, a built-in infra-red rejection filter and ultra low reflectance internal mechanics for excellent veiling glare characteristics. 

Our HDR lenses were designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of autonomous vehicles. They offer excellent results in terms of image quality, athermalization and ghosting.

Additional applications include:

  • POV and action cameras

  • Virtual and augmented reality cameras

  • UAV and Robotic Imaging

  • Automotive - including autonomous vehicles

  • High resolution security and surveillance

  • Police/fire body cameras

Active lens/sensor alignment service for OEM's available. Contact Navitar for additional information.

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