Lens-Sensor Alignment

Active Alignment and Camera Module Production

Navitar designs and produces complex camera modules using 4K HDR lenses and powerful next generation sensors. Used in the automotive, VR/AR, drone, surveillance and agricultural industries, these camera modules need to achieve maximum resolution and optimal performance. Active alignment of the sensor and lens enables accurate, cost-effective production of precision camera modules. The alignment equipment and processes allow positioning accuracies of < 2µm and sensor tilt accuracies < 2 arcminutes resulting in exemplary camera module performance.

Improve Your Product Time to Market (TTM)

Choose from available off-the-shelf Navitar lenses and Pixelink camera sensors to bypass the custom design process and  reduce your product TTM. 

Navitar's line of 4K HDR lenses offer simple operation, little-to-no focus loss over large temperature ranges, outstanding color correction, and low lens-to-lens variation. Combining a HDR lens with Pixelink camera sensors allows simple image acquisition (via USB 3.0, GigE, Firewire, etc.) and flexible image processing options to suit your individual application. Active lens-sensor alignment ensures optimum performance of each component resulting in a high resolution, high quality camera module.

Navitar 4K HDR Lens and Pixelink Cameras with Sony IMX Sensors

Tailoring to Your Specs

Of course, every application is unique and may require a customized lens and/or camera. Navitar can easily tailor one of our existing designs to fit your specifications with no time lost during the design process. 

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Contact us at 585-359-4000 or info@navitar.com to discuss active lens-sensor alignment services available to OEM customers.

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