High Mag Zoom & Fixed Lenses

Navitar high magnification zoom lenses are a number one choice around the world. The modularity of our systems give you the magnification powers of traditional microscopes without the bulk or expense. Equipment manufacturers looking for highly repeatable and automated precision optics can easily integrate, assemble and configure Navitar optical components into new instruments achieving smaller footprints and lower prices than older equipment.

Modular Microscopy Imaging for Machine Vision

  • Designed for factory floor automation and inspection, laboratory automation, and OEM medical and industrial equipment makers.
  • Configure optimized systems for a wide range of applications and specific requirements.
  • Motorized systems available to automate zoom, focus, rapid filter changes, illumination control, and robust 24/7 operation.
  • Use with a wide variety of Illumination options including brightfield, darkfield, HMC, infrared, and fluorescence
  • Compatible Pixelink cameras available to optimize system performance
  • Easily create a complete optical system that is both custom and cost effective
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