Vertically Integrated Production

Navitar is one of the few lens companies that can seamlessly integrate optical and mechanical engineering, rapid prototyping and volume custom lens production. 

Eliminating the complexity of managing multiple suppliers reduces the entire design and prototyping process. Cycle times are shortened and a consistently better product is delivered routinely, month-after-month. 

We produce large volume commercial orders and complex, custom-built prototypes to exact customer specifications

Prototype - Pilot - Full Scale Production

  • Manufacturing Maturity
  • Vertical Integrations of All Processes
  • Reliable Supply Chain
  • Low Volume to Full Scale Production
  • Experienced Assemblers
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment

Manufacturing Tolerances


Completely Integrated Imaging Solutions - Going Beyond the Limits of Commercially Available Systems

Let us do a fit assessment and help bring your next project to production. Contact us today 585-359-4000. 

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