Repairs and Returns

A Return Materials Authorization number (RMA#) is required in order to send a product back for repair or return. A RMA# is issued by your account representative in the sales department. To obtain an RMA# please email your account representative or call 585-359-4000 and provide us with the:

  • Item number

  • Problem with equipment

  • Date of purchase

  • Serial #

Please obtain your RMA# before returning any equipment or it may be refused by our receiving department. Always reference the RMA# on your return shipping label.


Product Warranty

Navitar products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Navitar warrants our products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. If the product is found to be defective in materials or workmanship, Navitar will, at its option, repair or replace warrantied items without charge. 

Exclusions and Limitations:

  1. This warranty extends to the original purchaser only. It is not transferable or assignable.
  2. Original proof-of-purchase must accompany any product returned for warranty repair/replacement.
  3. All returned products are subject to Navitar examination. Products exhibiting excessive use, misuse, or other damage will not be covered. Warranty shall not apply to any product that has been subjected to abnormal thermal, physical, electrical, or environmental conditions.  Damage caused by contamination, corrosion, moisture, accident, negligence, abuse, storage, transportation, handling, or installation shall not be covered under this warranty.
  4. This warranty shall not cover any unauthorized repair, tampering or disassembly.
  5. The customer is responsible for all shipping and logistics charges for diagnosis and repair claims. This shall include any freight, duties, taxes, or other fees required to transport.
  6. Return logistics costs are the responsibility of the customer, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
  7. Navitar’s obligation is limited to repair or replacement only.
  8. This warranty shall not apply to discontinued products.
  9. Navitar motorized lenses and illumination products are warranted for 12 months from the date of Navitar invoice to the customer.  
  10. Third party manufacturer products, including motors, sensors, cameras, electrical components, or any other item not manufactured by Navitar shall be covered in accordance with the original manufacturer’s warranty. This is, typically, a period of 12 months from the date of Navitar’s invoice to the customer.
  11. If the product is not covered under warranty, we will notify you with an estimate of the repair price.

For service, repair or return procedures under this warranty, please email your account representative or call Navitar direct at (585) 359-4000. Should service be necessary under this warranty, please ship the product, prepaid, and with RMA# referenced, to:

Navitar, Inc.
200 Commerce Drive
Rochester NY 14623

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