Optics Manufacturing

Assembly - Testing - Polishing - Tolerances

Navitar manufactures superior quality lenses and components including high magnification imaging lenses, ultra-precision microscope objectives, 4K projection lenses, cine prime lenses and infrared (IR) solutions. We utilize conventional optics, precision mechanics and world class assembly to deliver full OEM lens modules that meet demanding image quality requirements. We produce large volume commercial orders and complex, custom-built prototypes - to exact customer specifications.



  • Air-space tolerances held to 1 um

  • Continuous lens design reoptimization during assembly

  • Air-bearing spindles to minimize decentration during assembly

  • Laser precision to minimize decentration in large systems

  • Centration, edge and tilt tolerances held to better than 1 um

Assembly stations: Taylor Hobson Talyrond 250, Custom Built Laser Assembly Alignment Station



  • Lasers for performance testing (spot size, transmittance)

  • Resolution testing using imaged resolution targets

  • Interferometry (red, green, blue, IR)

Interferometers: Zygo VeriFire GPI (632.8nm), Zygo Mark II w/Diffraction LTD Phase Shifter (1064nm)

Other: Opti-Pro UltraCurve Sherometer, Wells Research OS400-10 MTF Bench, two Gaertner Optical Benches



  • Optical glass - OHARA, HOYA, SCHOTT, CDGM, Pyrex, Zerodur

  • Crystal - calcium & barium fluoride, fused silica, quartz, calcite

  • IR Materials - Germanium, Silicon, ZnSe, Zns, AMTIR, Schott IG

  • Filter Glass

  • Witness samples from BK7 and other glass, Germanium and Silicon

Measuring instruments: Zygo™ GPI interferometers with 1 meter rail


Manufacturing Tolerances

Attribute Commercial Quality Precision Quality Ultra Precision Quality
Diameter (mm) +0.00/-0.10 +0.000/-0.05 +0.000/-0.025
Center thickness (mm) 0.150 0.050 0.005
Radius (power) 8 rings 4 rings 1 ring
Irregularity (waves @ 633nm) 1 .25 .1
Wedge (mm) 0.05 0.005 0.0025
Decenter (arc min) 0.05 0.01 0.005
Scratch-Dig 80-50 60-40 10-5
AR Coating (r avg) < 1.5% < 0.5% < 0.25%


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