Preciso Lens Series


Bi-aspheric design with ultra-low dispersion glass for maximum MTF and low distortion
Optimized for 1" sensors and supports up to 1.1" to capture much larger FOV than traditional size sensors
Unique capability to image from close focus inspection at 100 mm all the way out to Infinity, with no loss of performance
Chromatic correction from 435nm-700nm
Internal Focus and Low Chief Ray Angle
Capture and stitch together multiple images of scene to create large scale, high-resolution images
State-of-the-art ultra-high efficiency multi-layer anti-reflection coating
Temperature range of -10 °C to +50 °C for operational use
Compatible with newest generation Navitar Pixelink 10GigE cameras and other high-resolution camera sensors with smaller pixel sizes down to 2 micron
Digital zoom functionality, including region of interest, using Pixelink Capture software

Applications: From Close Focus to Infinity

AGRICULTURE: From Inspecting Product Defects to Monitoring Entire Orchard
DISPLAYS: From Smartphone Inspection to Smart TV Inspection
MACHINE VISION: From Critical Part Inspection to Large Part Capture / 3D Imaging
AUTONOMY/ROBOTICS: From Robotic Arm Guidance to Pedestrian Identification
SURVEILLANCE: From Facial/Iris Recognition to License Plate Recognition
AR/VR: From 3D Gesture Capture to VR Camera and Image Stitching

The Preciso 16mm lens is the first in our new series that delivers uncompromised image capture for challenging applications using large format, high resolution sensors. 

This versatile lens maintains high contrast, high resolution over the full conjugate range, while maintaining high MTF and low distortion. Navitar’s Preciso Series bridges the current gap between close focus lenses optimized for general MV applications, and high resolution, HDR grade objectives used for emerging “look up” applications in AI, robotics, security, and autonomous vehicles.

All Navitar Precisio lenses utilize ultra-low reflectivity HDR coatings (ULHDR).  These high efficiency BBAR  coatings are engineered to provide the lowest reflectivity across the full VIS/NIR spectrum and significantly reduce veiling glare, as well as providing maximum rejection of in-field glare sources (sun, headlights, etc). 

These coatings, combined with our high efficiency bandpass filters give you the best combination of contrast and resolution possible.

This lens supports Sony IMX series sensors with 2.45µm pixel and Sony’s newest 4th generation sensors with 2.74 µm pixel.

Image Stitching Example

Close Focus Example

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