Camera Customization

OEM and Custom Camera Development for Medical, Life Science, Microscopy, and Industrial Imaging

Navitar offers camera formats ranging from 1/3" to APS-C and larger, resolutions from 2 MP - 60 MP and up, USB3 and 10 GigE interfaces, board level and enclosed, tethered sensor boards, and off-the-shelf or custom configurations.

All Standard Camera Models Can Be Modified to Meet Your Exact Specifications, Performance, Physical Requirements and Application Needs

 We can design a custom camera with the sensor of your choice based on a standard back-end interface for faster time to market. 

Our technologyproducts and people set us apart from other camera manufacturers. We specialize in:

  • FPGA-based cameras for unique custom solutions
  • Robust, fault tolerant firmware and software
  • OEM and custom camera design and manufacturing
  • Camera packages with 4K HDR lenses for maximum stray light rejection
  • Custom sensor/lens integration and alignment
  • Phenomenal engineering and support

With Pixelink, you receive:

  • A flexible camera architecture that allows for rapid prototyping and quick time-to-market
  • Customized software, firmware, mechanical, and hardware design
  • Seamless integration of our design team as an extension of your existing engineering team
  • ISO, IEC and medical certifications as required
  • Cameras designed with quality and assembled with care 
  • Low, industry-leading return rate - a testament to our focus on quality
  • Project management expertise ensuring timely communication, up-to-date information, and milestones are met throughout the life of the custom project

Customization Examples Include:

  • Porting of customer's application specific functions in FPGA and drivers
  • FPGA-based kernel filters and image pre-processing
  • Customer data storage in camera flash
  • Multi-camera synchronization
  • Cover glass, sensor glass and micro-lens removal or replacement
  • Custom sensor board mechanicals
  • Mount modification for dust prevention
  • GPIO/Trigger customization to customer’s requirements
  • Custom sensor-lens integration and alignment
  • Custom sensor calibrations for different specifications or environments
  • Custom I/O and connector interfaces
  • Customized length and design of flat flex cables for remote sensor applications
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