Manufacturing Capabilities

We recognize that producing high resolution, diffraction-limited lens systems is often dependent, not only on the optics themselves, but on the quality of the mechanical parts used for assembly. Our mechanical design team works closely with our optical and electronic designers to produce fully integrated opto-mechanical systems and sub-systems.

Using state-of-the-art mechanical design software, we insure your lens systems are both technically feasible and mechanically manufacturable. 

We utilize conventional optics, prevision mechanics and world class assembly to deliver full OEM lens modules that meet demanding image quality requirements. 


  • Air-space tolerances held to 1 micron
  • Continuous lens design reoptimization during assembly
  • Centration, wedge and tile tolerances held to better than 1 micron
  • Air-bearing assembly and alignment


  • Interferometers @ 405, 532, 632 and 1064 nm
  • Radius measurement to within 1 micron sagittal height
  • Centration to within 1 arc second
  • Flatness and regularity to within 1/20 wave
  • Transmission and reflection wavefront error

Fabrication and Polishing

  • Glass and crystal polishing
  • Precision grinding and optics polishing from 4-280 mm in diameter
  • Over 1000 test plates on hand
  • Surface regularity better than 1/20 wave, 10-5 surface quality
  • Standard radii from 2 to 13,931 mm

In-house Lens-Sensor Active Alignment

Active alignment of a lens and sensor enables accurate, cost-effective production of high resolution, precision camera modules ensuring the full capability of the lens and sensor are achieved. 


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