Custom Design Examples

The Imaging Performance You Need to be a Leader in Your Industry

Navitar custom component and subsystem designs are driven by innovative ideas, unconventional solutions, requirements and applications brought to us by our customers. These unique applications often require optical solutions that go beyond the limits of commercial systems. 

Navitar has a vast selection of modular core products, extensive background IP and a catalog of designs to help get things started and shorten design time.

Our integrated solutions incorporate custom and/or catalog products optimized for price, performance and success. 

Navitar Custom Designs for OEM Medical, Life Science, and Research

  • DNA Sequencing - Custom components for 4-channel fluorescence microscope system
  • InVitro Fertilization - Custom objective lens, tube lens, camera and illumination system
  • 3D and Thick Tissue Imaging - Custom water immersion objectives
  • Light Sheet Microscopy - Custom water dipping objectives and tube lenses
  • Cleared Tissue Imaging - Custom objectives and tube lenses
  • Cell Sorting - Custom microscope objectives, tube lenses and camera systems
  • Cell Viability and Analysis Systems - Custom microscope objectives and camera systems
  • Diagnostics - Custom camera systems
  • Immunoimaging - Custom microscopy components optimized for high-speed, large area, multicolor imaging

Navitar Custom Industrial Designs for:

  • Semiconductor Front-end Equipment
  • Semiconductor Back-end Equipment
  • Electronic Inspection Equipment
  • Factory Automation Systems
  • laser Processing Equipment
  • Contamination Analysis Systems
  • Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
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