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Navitar’s Focus on Start-Ups is designed to help your new Medical, Life Science, or Bio-Imaging company grow your business by developing new and innovative imaging products at breakneck speed while meeting strict regulatory requirements.  Are you a Start-Up company with a brilliant idea for the next great medical imaging instrument that will advance medical science, but are short on engineering support? Do you need the optimal integrated imaging system designed with optics, cameras and illumination to achieve what you imagine? Navitar wants to help you and that is why we developed our Focus on Start-Up program. 

Access to a Multidisciplinary Design Team

As a member of Navitar’s Focus on Start-Ups program, you will get access to an entire design team that understands the importance of optical modeling of the right sensor and lens combinations and objective and tube lens combinations that are needed to achieve optimal optical system performance. A thought-out opto-mechanical design can manage electronic and thermal noise and customized board-level camera formats can be provided to help reduce instrument size, weight, and cost. 

Help Reducing Costs – Improved System Performance

The camera sensor and lens are critical components that affect instrument performance. That is why at Navitar, we can design these individual components together to meet your specific requirements and actively align the integrated system for optimized performance. If camera sensors and lenses are chosen independently and forced to work together without design optimization and alignment, cost overruns can occur trying to debug the imaging system and troubleshoot inconsistent performance from device to device.

Help Speeding Up Product Commercialization

Navitar can help you speed up product development and commercialization of medical equipment and instruments because we understand the tortuous multidisciplinary pathways involved with intellectual property (IP), engineering design and development, and interaction with the FDA. Navitar has an understanding of FDA / ISO 13485 / IEC / FCC / CE requirements and the manufacturing documentation required to facilitate rapid product development and speedy product commercialization.  

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Setting new standards for performance and beating the competition doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by design. Navitar wants to help you drive innovation in science and medicine, to achieve what was once impossible. 

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