Creating Integrated Solutions

Imaging Lenses

Navitar lens products include: zoom, fixed, motorized, wide angle, large format, HDR, 4K, high resolution, low magnification, diffraction limited, relay/non-relay and F-theta designs. We have experience designing compact, lightweight assemblies, and robust, ruggedized models, for extreme temperature ranges, and near-0 vacuum environments.

Industrial and Microscopy Cameras

Image quality and optical requirements guide our camera recommendations. We offer camera formats ranging from 1/3” to 4/3”, resolutions from 2 MP–20 MP, USB-3 to 10 GigE interfaces, board level, enclosed, off -the-shelf and custom configurations. All base models can be modified to meet unique performance and physical requirements.

Custom Microscope Objectives and Tube Lenses

Our designs span working distances of 0.3 to 55mm, cover wavelengths from visible (390-750nm) to near infrared (700-1400nm), can be modified for aqueous, oil and vacuum environments with housings of stainless, ultem or titanium. Super wide tube lenses combined with our wide FOV objectives, increasing the amount of data acquired with each image.


Uniform illumination is required to optimize image performance. We partner with industry experts; companies with years of experience supporting applications for life science, fluorescent imaging, machine vision and microscopy. We can address a variety or wavelengths, types and control. 

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