Custom Microscope Objectives

Navitar and Special Optics design and build custom microscope objectives for some of the world's most highly regarded medical research organizations including:

  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Allen Brain Institute
  • MAX Planck
  • Stanford University

Why Choose a Custom Objective? 

  • risk mitigation
  • improve quality
  • meet exact specifications
  • enhance competitive advantage
  • manufacturing consistency
  • on time delivery/availability
  • warranty/product support
  • optical design data for system modeling

Special Optics multi-immersion objective offers 1.2 mm field of view, numerical aperture of 0.4, 16.7X magnification (with 200 mm tube lens), and 12 mm working distance.  It is a dipping objective for media refractive index between 1.33 and 1.56, a very large range which includes all major clearing solutions.  When used in multi-view systems like the diSPIM, the Special Optics objective lens offers sub-micron resolution in X, Y, and Z.

cleared tissue objective

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