Camera Customization

OEM and Custom Camera Development for Medical, Life Science, Microscopy, and Industrial Imaging

Pixelink provides cutting-edge custom camera solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) for critical medical, life science, and industrial imaging applications. Pixelink is a trusted supplier to OEM's around the world as we offer numerous camera customization options designed to enhance camera performance for specific applications.

All Standard Pixelink Camera Models Can Be Modified to Meet Your Exact Specifications, Performance, Physical Requirements and Application Needs

Pixelink offers camera formats ranging from 1/3" to APS-C and larger, resolutions from 2 MP - 60 MP and up, USB3 and 10 GigE interfaces, board level and enclosed, tethered sensor boards, and off-the-shelf or custom configurations. We can design a custom camera with the sensor of your choice based on a standard back-end interface for faster time to market. 

Our technology, products and people set us apart from other camera manufacturers. We specialize in:

  • FPGA-based cameras for unique custom solutions
  • Robust, fault tolerant firmware and software
  • OEM and custom camera design and manufacturing
  • Camera packages with 4K HDR lenses for maximum stray light rejection
  • Custom sensor/lens integration and alignment
  • Phenomenal engineering and support

With Pixelink, you receive:

  • A flexible camera architecture that allows for rapid prototyping and quick time-to-market
  • Customized software, firmware, mechanical, and hardware design
  • Seamless integration of our design team as an extension of your existing engineering team
  • ISO, IEC and medical certifications as required
  • Cameras designed with quality and assembled with care 
  • Low, industry-leading return rate - a testament to our focus on quality
  • Project management expertise ensuring timely communication, up-to-date information, and milestones are met throughout the life of the custom project
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