Custom Microscope Objective Design

Diffraction Limited Imaging Starts with the Microscope Objective

The single biggest factor to determine the resolution of a microscopy system is the microscope objective and Navitar is the market leader supporting customers pushing the limits of microscopy world-wide. 

We specialize in designing and manufacturing high NA, diffraction limited, custom microscope objective lenses for OEM instrument makers and researchers who require solutions for complex applications that cannot be solved by off-the-shelf microscope objective lenses.  

Navitar objective lens designs are driven by our customers’ requirements and applications.  Innovative ideas and unconventional solutions developed by OEM Instrument makers and the research community cannot be supported by commercial off-the-shelf microscope objectives. 

We have a large library of reference designs and the experience to produce lenses that meet your exact performance requirements.  Whether you require a higher NA, wider Field of view (FOV), diffraction limited performance, superior repeatability between objectives, better wavefront, color and distortion correction over the entire FOV, we can provide you the best solution for your application.  

Most off-the-shelf solutions are stop gap for our customers.  They do not meet their needs or have more features than they need.  Our custom solutions enhance our customers product performance and has even led to Nobel Prize winning research. We can produce the custom microscope objective solutions that meet our customers needs and at a price point that is suitable for OEM volume production. In some cases, customers need a smaller footprint, special illumination, higher NA’s, better performance, specific wavelength, longer working distances, larger fields of view, and special housings to withstand humid or water immersed environment.  

Preengineered High N.A. Objectives

ENVIRONMENTS Aqueous, Oil, Vacuum
WAVELENGTHS Visible (390-750nm) to NIR (700-1400nm)
HOUSING Stainless, Ultem, Titanium,
Proprietary Non-Metalic Chemically Resistant Sealant
MEDIA Ethyl Cinnamate, TDE, Mineral Oil, Silicone Oil, FocusClear, Scale,
Other Organic Media, Other Aqueous-based Solutions
OTHER Mounting Threads, Parfocal Distance, Housing Tip Angle, Field of View
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