10 GigE Cameras

Contact us to talk about our PL-X camera models. Pixelink's new high performing PL-X machine vision camera series with 10 GigE interface gives you speed, accuracy and reliability in a quick and easy set-up.

PL-X series cameras incorporate Sony's Pregius Sensor line including the newest 4th generation Pregius S sensors.

  • IMX253 (12MP 1.1”) - PL-X9512 
  • IMX420 (7MP 1.1”) - PL-X957
  • IMX531 (20MP 1.1”) - PL-X9520 
  • IMX530 (24MP 1.2") - PL-X9524

Interested in our PL-X series cameras? Click here to request more information.

*The new generation PL-X 10GigE cameras offer twice the speed, at up to 30 times the distance, over our current PL-D USB3 camera family. 

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