Startup Program Overview

“We help you build the best instruments on the planet” Jeremy Goldstein, CEO Navitar

When the right microscope components for the job do not exist, Navitar can custom make them for you to meet your exact requirements.  Navitar makes custom microscope objectives, tube lenses, microscopy cameras, and illumination systems that go beyond the limits of commercial systems. 

Designed for Start-Ups, researchers, and OEM instrument makers who want to push beyond the limits of commercial systems, our microscopy tools and system solutions help you be the leader in your industry and have even supported Nobel Prize winning research. 

By delivering technologically superior solutions, we are happy to help you build the best solutions on the planet to help solve the world’s most challenging problems and helping you unlock new opportunities for growth today and for many years into the future. 

Leap over the competition with better microscopy components delivered in one unified solution. 

Often Medical and Life Science instrument makers want to leap over their competition with cutting edge technology or leading researchers have a difficult time getting the data they need from commercial off the shelf microscopy components.  They may not be getting enough resolution or require a larger field of view or are not getting enough consistency from commercial off-the-shelf objectives.  Navitar microscopy components can help you develop instruments and devices that are years ahead of the curve in terms of speed and resolution and our components can be customized to focus on specific biological problems. 

Upscale your design team by connecting with our team  - We have solutions to help unlock your technological challenges

Navitar is happy to provide the tools needed to push the art of microscopy.  Our customers often have the microscopy specialists and world class teams to advance science.  They just need the right design partner and the microscopy components like our custom microscope objectives, tube lenses, cameras and illumination systems to help spur on their efforts. 

Navitar standard and custom components include objective lenses and tube lenses for single channel and multi-channel fluorescent microscope systems.  We make objective lenses for a variety of immersion mediums including water dipping lenses. Navitar has the latest camera technology utilizing the latest Sony IMX 183 sensors.

We can integrate our objective lenses, tube lenses and camera components with third party autofocus systems, filters and a variety of illuminators and test the entire system to determine if it meets specification. 

Navitar’s extensive background IP helps shorten design times and ensure diffraction limited performance. 

We have a huge range of wide field of view objective lenses and matching wide field of view tube lenses to use as starting points of our design work and we have in-house sensor alignment IP to achieve the highest imaging performance possible.

Often, we find that combining our extensive knowledge in Objective lenses, tube lenses, and camera IP with our customers overall concepts, you gain a winning combination that creates some amazing breakthrough technology.

Navitar can also integrate the entire sub-assembly for our customers in one integrated imaging system assembled and tested to meet all your design criteria.  This is often done to ensure optimal performance. 

Let us help you manage your most complex challenges and support your most innovative ideas.  

When we begin working with a start-up or any new customer developing a new scientific instrument, we will assign a dedicated engineer to be the contact person for the project.  This person will then be responsible for communicating  progress updates and coordinating weekly meetings.  Communication is often by phone, video calls, or in-person meetings as needed.  Meetings are often held at a mutually agreeable time.  Contact us today.

Navitar offers complete imaging system development support through production manufacturing on a number of complex instrument applications.   

Examples of innovative Microscopy imaging component systems and application areas supported by Navitar:

  • DNA Sequencing – Custom components for 4-channel Fluorescence Microscope system.
  • InVitro Fertilization – Custom Objective lens, Tube lens, camera and illumination system.
  • 3D and Thick Tissue Imaging – Custom Water Immersion objectives.
  • Light Sheet Microscopy – Custom Water dipping Objectives and tubes lenses. 
  • Cleared Tissue Imaging – Custom objectives and tube lenses.
  • Cell Sorting – Custom microscope Objectives, tube lenses and camera systems.
  • Cell Viability & Analysis Systems – Custom Microscope Objectives and integrated camera systems.
  • Cell Screening  & Analysis Systems
  • Blood Testing & Diagnostics – Custom camera systems.
  • Immunoimaging - Custom optimized microscopy components  for High-speed, large area, multicolor imaging.

Additional Examples:

  • Microfluidic Imaging Systems
  • Fluorescence Imaging
  • Digital Pathology
  • Digital Holographic Microscopy
  • Live Cell Imaging
  • Tissue Diagnostics
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Chemiluminescence
  • Specimen Tomosynthesis
  • Biomedical Imaging
  • Cancer diagnostics
  • Infectious Disease Research
  • In Vivo NIR / SWIR Tissue Imaging
  • Super Resolution Microscopy Systems
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