Life Science / Research

Navitar has decades of experience designing and building imaging and optical systems for a variety of automated biotechnology applications. We produce high magnification imaging lenses, custom microscope objectives and laser beam delivery optics for hospitals, corporations and research institutions such as Howard Hughes Medical Institute - Janelia Farm Research Campus and Max Planck Institute.

Life Science

We design and manufacture off the shelf and custom optical components, sub-assemblies and objective lenses that support Neuroscience research, Gel documentation, Chemiluminescence, Live cell imaging, Stem cell research, In-vitro fertilization, In-vivo imaging, DNA sequencing, Flow cytometry and Particle characterization.

Structured illumination microscopy techniques including:

  • Light sheet

  • TIRF

  • Confocal

  • 2-photon

  • Multiphoton

  • STED

Custom Electro-Optical Systems for Medical & Biotech Applications

Navitar makes ultra-precise laser focusing optics for a variety of eye surgery applications, in addition to developing optics for DNA sequencing, fluorescence imaging, and in-vitro fertilization. We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom microscope objectives for multi-photon, confocal and other forms of laser scanning microscopy for specialized research applications.


Navitar's optics are used in a wide variety of research and development applications spanning from high-tech cancer drug discovery, neonatal brain development research, and synthetic cell membrane creation to digital mapping of historical sound collections and art restoration.

We work with some of the world's most highly regarded medical research organizations including:

• Howard Hughes Medical Institute

• Allen Institute for Brain Science

• MAX Planck

• Stanford University

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