We have experience designing high N.A. microscope objectives, custom tube lenses and integrated systems for customers in the microscopy sector.

our high N.A. microscope objectives are used for

  • Multi-photon microscopy

  • Confocal microscopy

  • STED

  • Super-resolution

  • Live cell fluorescent microscopy

  • Digital pathology / Live Remote Microscopy

Koehler illumination, Hoffman Modulation Contrast (HMC), GFP Fluorescence Imaging, Brightfield, Phase Contrast, Plan Fluor

Two-Photon Microscopy - Life Sciences - Quantum Research - Neuroscience

Special Optics offers objective lens solutions optimized for use in two-photon microscopy systems. These apochromatic objectives are customized with high numerical apertures and long working distances for use with various sample sizes and applications. Biomedical researchers use two-photon microscopy to image tissue and look deeper into samples to determine their nature and structure.

  • Wavelengths from visible light to the near infrared.

  • Working distances from 0.3mm to 30mm.

  • May be tailored for aqueous, oil, and vacuum research environments.


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