Navitar works closely with leading companies that build systems for planetariums and visualization theaters. We have implemented specific optical design techniques for customers allowing for high resolution images and true color brightness.

HemiStar Lenses for Cove and Pit Mount

Our ultra-wide HemiStar fisheye projection lenses are used in solutions such as:

  • full (single projector) 180x180 center projection for mobile planetariums

  • custom designed 2- and 4-projector systems for large planetariums using high resolution 4K projectors

  • 5-6 projector systems that require complicated blending techniques.

HemiStar Angle Information & Diagrams

Single and Multi Channel Applications

Our custom projection lenses have helped customers:

  • Decrease the number of projectors used to cover a dome surface

  • Create seamless overlaps of display

  • Achieve superb center to edge image resolution

  • Maximize impact with high quality images and brightness

Drake Planetarium & Science Center logo
The Drake Planetarium chose Navitar's HemiStar HS28 lens paired with a Panasonic PT-DW6300 projector. We couldn't be happier with the lens.
— Nate Banzhof
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