High Quality Vision Solutions for Military and Defense

High quality, precision image capture leads to mission flexibility and success. We work with and supply top defense contractors and niche technology companies cutting-edge camera and lens vision systems and components. Our optical, electrical and mechanical engineers are ready to join your integrated product team.

Navitar lenses, cameras, and electro-optical vision systems achieve excellent resolution, have superior stray light rejection, show little-to-no image focus loss over large temperature ranges, and offer outstanding color correction. 

Vision Technology Solutions for:

Why Navitar Ruggedized Optics and Camera Modules?

Navitar lenses are produced with multi-layer anti-reflection coatings, a built-in infra-red rejection filter and ultra low reflectance internal mechanics for excellent veiling glare characteristics. 

Lenses are easily integrated with Navitar Pixelink cameras or proprietary sensors provided by the customer. 

Lens-sensor active alignment  ensures the full capability of the lens and sensor are carried over to each completed electro-optical module. 

We closely control the fabrication process and monitor manufacturing - from commercial to ultra precision tolerances. 

State-of-the-art, ITAR registered facilities, active lens-sensor alignment in our ISO Class 1000 clean room. 

We work with customers as part of their integrated product development team  from inception through full production. 

Vision Systems Optimized for Adverse Environments  

Athermal Performance: maintain focus over extreme temperature (-40C - 105C)

Stray Light HDR: Navitar HDR lenses are optimized for low veiling glare, no ghosts and stray light levels of 1E-5

Maximum Resolution: Edge to Edge MTF response of 40%+ at Nyquist (100-150 lp/mm

Broader Visual Detection

Compact, Lightweight 4K HDR Lenses

Navitar polarized vision technology solutions are ideal for use in advanced facial recognition systems for Homeland Security applications. Our camera and lens modules combine Sony Pregius 3rd and 4th generation image sensors and Navitar 4K HDR grade lenses to offer broader visual detection and more detailed images.

Navitar's 4K compact, lightweight HDR wide angle lenses offer superior stray light rejection down to 1E-5 while maximizing MTF at the Nyquist frequency of small pixel sensors.

Operating in the visible or VIS/NIR waveband at apertures up to F/1.8, these new lenses are environmentally robust and perform at military grade temperature ranges of -20°C to +80°C.

Additional features and lens options:

  • IP67 sealing for use in water depths up to 1 meter
  • Optional iris or dual position electronic shutters allow precise control of exposure levels for day/night imagery.


Did You Know? 

The first "Navitar" branded lenses were produced in 1954 for the U.S. NAVY CZR-1 tracking camera - thus the origin of the Navitar company name.


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