Military & Defense Technology Solutions

Navitar camera and lens vision technology solutions are used in a number of Military & Defense systems and Homeland Security applications. Using the same technology Navitar developed for the autonomous car industry, enabling cars to drive in blinding and glaring sun light, Navitar has designed imaging solutions that aid in and better situational awareness for soldiers in fighting environments. This technology is also incorporated into military surveillance systems to detect and track hostile drones, gimbal payloads and improve facial recognition for the Department of Homeland Security.

At the core of Navitar’s camera and lens vision technology is the ability to achieve excellent resolution across the field; superior stray light mitigation enabling the ability to see in bright sun with minimal ghost image artifacts; and thermal performance that is excellent to a temperature as low as -40 degrees C to a maximum of 85 degrees C. Navitar’s electro-optical vision systems show little-to-no image focus loss over large temperature ranges, outstanding color correction, and low lens-to-lens variation. 

Air Defense Systems / Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CUAS)

Navitar lens-sensor integrated modules are used in imaging and surveillance systems for long range detection, location, tracking, and identification of drones. High performance imaging modules improve optical surveillance capabilities of Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CUAS) providing clearer identification of unknown objects even in blinding sun.  

Gimbal Payloads

Navitar’s camera and lens vision technology is used in state-of-the art gimbal payloads which are used for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s), drones, unmanned ground vehicles (UGV’s) as well as fixed installations.  Navitar electro-optical systems reduce the amount of light reflected directly from the sun or reducing the reflections of light from the surface of water and glass. . 

Homeland Security - Facial Recognition

Navitar has developed polarized vision technology solutions ideal for use in advanced facial recognition systems for Homeland Security applications. Our camera and lens modules combine Sony Pregius 3rd and 4th generation image sensors and Navitar 4K HDR grade lenses to offer broader visual detection and more detailed images. Navitar 4K high dynamic range lenses are produced with a multi-layer anti-reflection coating, built-in infra-red rejection filter, and ultra-low reflectance internal mechanics which reduce glare, filter unwanted reflections and accurately detect facial features through low contrast surfaces such as tinted glass windshields.

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