Custom/OEM Camera Examples

Here are just a few examples of custom camera solutions recently designed and successfully deployed. 

Dermatology Imaging and Diagnostics System:  

  • Custom auto-focus camera system designed to combine customer’s unique image acquisition and measurement technology.  

  • Custom firmware, FPGA code and calibration improved auto-focus.

  • Custom board-to-board connector with smaller flexible circuit alleviated size constraints for system architecture.

Real-time, Non-Contact Surgical Guidance Imaging System:

  • Custom medical grade HIS camera system integrated AI and hyperspectral image sensor offering images in segmented wavelengths.  

  • ISO 13485 medical device compliant.

  • Custom interface designed for proprietary computational imaging methods developed by surgical device manufacturer. 

Innovative Robotic Vision Solution Combining 3D Vision with Multispectral Imaging:

  • Pixelink board level camera integrated with hyperspectral imaging sensors. 

  • Dual sensors and custom calibration ensure sensor-to-sensor uniformity.

  • Enable customer to create 3D robotic vision solutions with advance tracking capabilities.

CubeSat Satellite Data Collection and Inspection:

  • Dual Pixelink cameras assembled in tandem as a stereoscopic imager for surveillance, inspection, and data collection while in orbit.

  • Radiation tolerant, 17.26 G of vibration, 2937 G of shock and survivability over extreme temperature range.

Handheld Dental Imaging Wand:

  • Pixelink 5mp, RGB, compact imaging sensor board integrated into hand-held dental scope for precise tooth imaging and mapping. 

  • Precise sensor alignment to compact objective lens for high resolution image quality. 

Pixelink can customize its cameras to seamlessly integrate with the advanced technologies of their customers. Contact Pixelink camera technology experts for a project fit assessment today at 613-247-1211.

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