ZFL Fluorescent Imaging System

Navitar’s Video ZFL Scope is a macro/micro fluorescence vision system that utilizes interchangeable fluorescence cubes and internal focus to create an image. The scope offers a simple, cost-effective solution for what are often sophisticated and complex fluorescence imaging tasks. A system diagram may be found on pages 26-27. A key feature of the ZFL system is its modularity. Our component parts can be configured into any type of system you can imagine.

Our macro fluorescence vision system encompasses a low-noise, scientific-grade digital camera, along with quantitative software, and LED illumination or UV light source. The micro imaging vision system mode provides a 0.9X coupling of any standard 200 mm tube length, infinity-corrected, fluorescent microscope objective to the camera. See our website for a complete list of Navitar’s products for biomedical imaging applications.

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