Super Wide Angle 4K Imaging Lens System

Navitar's Super Wide Field 4K Imaging Lens provides exceptional images for today's most demanding industrial and life science applications. 


  • Exceptional 4K image quality
  • Designed for industrial and life science applications
  • Use with large format 4/3", 1.1" and 1" sensors
  • Digital zoom using Pixelink Capture software
  • Compatible with coax, ring light or Kohler illumination
  • Modular fixed imaging system
  • Much larger field of view
  • Resolve ~0.5-2.0 microns

Combine with Pixelink's PL-D7620 high quantum efficiency 20 MP color camera based on Sony's IMX183 sensor with 2.4 micron pixel. Also ideal to use with Pixelink's new 10 GigE PL-X cameras using Sony 4th generation Pregius sensors with 2.74 micron pixels.

Additional Benefits

  • Achieve a wider field of view to capture more of the sample with each image - enabling faster object detection and increasing throughput
  • Keep a state of live cell behavior in sight for a longer observation time while reducing cell toxicity and photobleaching
  • Increase throughput by eliminating the need to move optics or the stage and waiting for the software to stitch images together.
  • Easily see panoramic image over larger field of view. 

Industrial and Life Science Applications

  • Semiconductor defect inspection
  • flat panel display inspection
  • industrial inspection
  • cell imaging
  • multi-well imaging
  • microfluidic device imaging
  • biomedical 3D measurements
  • fluorescence microscopy

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