The SingleShot Wide FOV Objective System

The SingleShot Objective System

All the Resolving Power
Double the Field of View & Greatly Increased Throughput

The SingleShot Imaging System may not look like your typical microscope, but it will offer the same resolving power with a much larger field of view. That means your samples can be captured with fewer stitched images, saving time, money and providing more accurate data.

While this advanced imaging system was developed for semiconductor inspection, it is now providing extraordinary results for the medical community. With a FOV that is double that of traditional microscopes, imaging a complete sample will now require half as many stitched images. Environmentally sensitive samples will spend less time out of storage and time sensitive samples will require less time. The increased data flow will result in a more efficient and effective process.

The modular design of the SingleShot makes it possible to fine tune its capabilities for your strict requirements. Choose from one of our standard configurations or work with one of our engineers to create a custom solution.

Navitar has produced superior quality optics for over 50 years and that experience goes in to every component we design, manufacture and put our name on.

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