Large FOV 4K HDR

Are you having trouble seeing all the defects?  Need more contrast in your image?

Navitar’s Resolv4K optical system is now aligned with our proprietary HDR PixeLink camera technology producing both 400-600% larger field of views compared to traditional zoom systems and higher contrast images showing more details and provides the ability to see inspection details that were not visible before.

Navitar has now combined our Resolv4K optical system with industry leading Field of View inspection area with our  HDR Camera technology to provide a large field of view and ability to see high contrast details that were not possible before 

Resolv4K with HDR camera

Navitar’s Resolv4K wide FOV HDR camera and lens system lets you inspect a 400-600% larger area than competitors, with higher image contrast and speed. The system’s HDR technology combines high and low gain images into a single hybrid high dynamic range image, in real-time, on camera, making defects more visible.

Contact us today for more information on our Resolv4K large FOV HDR imaging systems. 

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