Body Tubes-Motorized

Navitar’s motorization design integrates magnetic Hall-Effect sensors to reference position location. Users can choose to motorize the zoom and focus axis, or just the zoom. We have three different motor types available:

  • 2 Phase Stepping Motor (Faulhaber)

  • 5 Phase Stepping Motor (Oriental, Vexta)

  • DC Servo with Encoder (Faulhaber)

Lenses with a part number designation ending with an F and M have DC servo motors, no limit sensors and, can only be used with our manual controller. These units are not designed for OEM applications environments with repeated use.

Fine Focus Type 2 ø Stepper 5 ø Stepper Encoded/Servo
12 mm Motorized Fine Focus 1-62318 1-64426 1-62310
3 mm Motorized Fine Focus w/ Coax 1-62319 1-64428 1-62311
12 mm Manual Fine Focus 1-62523 1-64430 1-62522
3 mm manual Fine Focus w/ Coax 1-62525 1-64432 1-62524
Non Fine Focus, Non Coax 1-62605 1-64434 1-62606
Non Fine Focus w/ Coax 1-62608 1-64436 1-62609
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