Adapter Plates, Mounts

Navitar offers a variety of adapter plates so your system can be used with microscope stands from Nikon, Olympus, Meiji, Bausch & Lomb and Leica. These adapter plates allow you to utilize the shoulder of the zoom as a secure place of mounting instead of the adapter tubes.

In applications where vibration is of concern, consider a flat mount option. Flat mounts will ensure product stability and image quality.

Universal clamps attach to the adapter tube portion of the zoom system. This allows for more creative and flexible mounting solutions when integrating the zoom system into a machine or in a laboratory environment where space is limited.

Adapter Plates
Part # Description Price Quantity
1-6179 84 mm Adapter Plate for 6.5X $210.00
1-60052 76 mm Adapter Plate for 6.5X $221.00
1-9620 82 mm Adapter Plate for 6.5X $210.00
1-60141 6.5X Adapter plate for Nikon MM11, MM22 Stand $221.00
Part # Description Price Quantity
1-62572 6.5X Flat Mount for use with Zoom 6000 motorized lenses $153.00
3-60925 Nikon MM44 Mounting Kit -Requires 1X or 2X right angle adapter $153.00
1-6270 Universal Mounting Clamp - Use on adapter tubes $153.00
1-64546 6X Flat Mount Assembly, Imperial $185.00
1-64547 6X Flat Mount Assembly, Metric $185.00
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