PE Adapter Tubes

An adapter tube is required component to complete the Precise Eye system. The adapter tube places the camera sensor at the optimal distance so that the back focus of the Precise Eye system is correct. No focus adjustments are built into these adapters.

Adapter tubes are available in magnifications range from 0.5X to 2.0X. To provide flexibility to the overall system length, adapter tubes are available in standard and right angle formats and mount to vary the orientation and optical path of the system.

Part # Description Price Quantity
1-61453 0.67X Standard AdapterSpecs & Docs $343.00
1-61445 1.0X Standard AdapterSpecs & Docs $348.00
1-61448 1.33X Standard AdapterSpecs & Docs $436.00
1-61450 2.0X Standard AdapterSpecs & Docs $514.00
1-62539 1.33X Right Angle AdapterSpecs & Docs $965.00
1-62214 2.0X Right Angle AdapterSpecs & Docs $1,035.00
1-62263 2.0X Non Inverting Right Angle AdapterSpecs & Docs $1,287.00
1-62088 0.5X Standard AdapterSpecs & Docs $845.00
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