April 12, 2022
Navitar Upgrades Manufacturing Facility Responding to Increased Customer Demand for High Precision Custom Lens Systems

Navitar, a global provider of industrial and life science imaging solutions, announced today that upgrades have been made to their Rochester, New York manufacturing facility increasing production capacity. Space reallocation, equipment purchases, and in-house fabrication of key parts help to fulfill customer orders amid supply chain disruptions.

Navitar recently completed a major building upgrade that included the construction of a brand new shop housing a Haas VF4-SS super speed vertical machining center and ST-20 Y-Axis lathe.  

"The global supply chain is still being impacted by challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, including delays and disruption," reports Navitar's Co-President, Jeremy Goldstein. "Fast prototyping and time-to-market are essential to our customers. By adding CNC machining technology in-house, we can produce prototypes and specialty parts for custom assemblies much more quickly than we could otherwise." 

In addition to the machine shop improvements, Navitar expanded its MTF testing capabilities with a new OpTest® Lens Measurement System from Optikos. They also upgraded their interferometric testing facilities and doubled the number of precision alignment stations housed in their Class 10,000 Clean Room. Improvements were implemented to satisfy the high-precision lens system requirements of customers within the life sciences, industrial and microscopy industries. 

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