November 17, 2021
Navitar Focus on Start-Ups Program Provides Dedicated Engineering and Manufacturing Resources to Help Start-up Companies Launch New Products

Navitar, Inc. a provider of microscopy imaging solutions for highly complex medical instruments and products within the life science, biotech and industrial imaging system markets, is pleased to announce the launch of their Focus on Start-Ups program aimed to help new start-up companies move their innovative product concepts to reality, setting new standards for performance and beating the competition to market. 

The newly launched Navitar Focus on Start-Ups program provides support to medical, life science, and biotech companies looking to develop new imaging products and grow their businesses. Jeremy Goldstein, co-CEO and owner of Navitar says, "Start-Ups want to develop and commercialize cutting-edge instruments, devices, and equipment at breakneck speeds. We have the engineering experience, optical components, custom sensor technology, and vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities to help these companies move their ideas from proof of concept to design and into production."

The Navitar Focus on Start-Ups program aims to help companies move their innovative product concepts to reality.

Members of the program will have access to a dedicated design team of optical, mechanical, electrical and application engineers, quality assurance specialists, and experts in obtaining and protecting intellectual property. Navitar offers expert optical modeling of sensor, lens, objective and tube lens combinations, unique imaging system configurations, custom camera firmware, and lens and sensor active alignment capabilities.

The newly launched program will help start-up companies reduce product development risks, decrease costs, and shorten time to market by ensuring all ISO 13485, FDA, IEC, FCC, and CE requirements are followed.  Start-up companies will receive a well thought-out opto-mechanical design optimized for imaging performance and competitive success.

To join Navitar's Focus on Start-Ups program visit or call 585-359-4000.

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