Quality System

Please refer to this page for answers to many common questions asked in regards to our Quality System, ISO 9001 compliance, general system assessment, and corporate information.

  • Quality System is based on ISO 9001:2008

  • Quality Policies consistent with Quality Management System Requirements and business/product complexity

  • Procedural documentation for review, update, and approval of Quality Management System procedures

  • Procedural documentation to govern design, drawing, and change control

  • Procedures for defining our internal quality audit system

  • Measurement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System

  • Policies for Corrective and Preventive Action

  • Vetting process to identify and approve sources for supply

  • Governing policies regarding the review of material that deviates from drawing/specification requirements

  • Personnel qualified and trained in the work they do, including documented qualification procedures

  • Inspection/Test facilities well equipped, clean, and properly lighted

  • Use of controlled calibration, verification, and operations procedures

  • M&TE traceable to NIST, equivalent national or international sources, or physical constants, as appropriate to the measurement parameter

  • Proper and careful storage, handling, and shipping of component parts and customer product

  • Contract review with qualified sales and technical staff

Note: Due to its proprietary nature, our customer list is not available

RoHS Compliant


ROHS Compliance Statement

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