3.5X Fisheye Conversion Lens

Navitar’s 3.5X Fisheye Conversion Lens is designed to turn most entry level, home grade, and professional projectors into fisheye solutions that help create immersive experiences. It’s the ideal solution for projectors without interchangeable lenses and for integrators who want to create a unique immersive experience without the cost of a full replacement HemiStar lens.

Active Image On a Dome Surface

When using a standard lens to project on a curved surface the image would cover the area indicated by the dark blue shading below. When used in conjunction with the 3.5X Conversion Lens the image would expand to the lighter blue areas. The magnified image is not limited to a flat surface. 

The magnified image is capable of focusing on a curved surface.  The illustration shows the range of converted angular sizes for a 4:3 image and a selection of prime lens throw ratios. At the widest range, a 1.3:1 prime lens can produce a 199°H x 125°V image (4:3 aspect ratio) with the 3.5X conversion lens, as seen below.

Here are some of the characteristics
that make this lens unique:

Allows many projectors to be used on a curved screen
Even brightness from center to edge
Lower pixel distortion at the corners
Maximizes the pixel usage of the prime lens

Some applications include:

Immersive Environments
Projection Tunnels
Dark Rides
Amusement Attractions

The 3.5X conversion lens provides remarkable value for installations where fisheye replacement lenses aren’t an option. You can download the complete set of specs on the following product page.

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