Controllers, Power Supplies- LED

Navitar has developed an improved BrightLight LED controller. Features of the controller include: new functionality of dual current output (350mA/700mA), new box now available with flanges for rack mounting, higher resolution on manual potentiometer control, and 12 volt DC input.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Connector: 12VDC, center-positive, 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm barrel

  • Power LED: ON = 5v board supply is present

  • High/Low Current LED: ON = 700mA maximum LED current, OFF = 350mA maximum LED current

  • RS232 Interface: Connection to PC made via standard RS232 Cable 3400 bps, 8 bit, no parity, one stop bit

  • USB Interface: Connection to PC made via standard USB cable to USB port. Requires installation of FTDI virtual COM port (VCP) driver on PC

  • Rotary Encoder: Manual LED control – 0.1% resolution

  • LED Connector: 6 pin mini-DIN, Constant-current sink, To enable HIGH/LOW current switch: Pins 3→5 and Pins 4→6, Must be tied together on LED harness

Part # Description Price Quantity
1-62226 Ring light controller and power supply (50/60Hz, 90-280V) $284.00
1-40042 LED Desktop Controller (with 12V Universal Power Supply included) $850.00
1-40183 LED Cable (2 meters) $71.00
1-40181 LED Cable (0.5 meter) $71.00
1-40041 Universal Power Supply (12Vdc) - Included with 1-40042 & 1-40045 $158.00
1-40182 LED Cable (1 meter) $71.00
1-40045 LED Flange Mount Controller (with 12V Universal Power Supply included) $850.00
1-40184 LED Cable (3 meters) $71.00
1-40048 LED Controller, Board Level Kit $500.00
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