Raptar Lenses

Navitar's 50 mm Raptar lens is the perfect solution to machine vision applications that require a large sensor and lens combination. The 50 mm Raptar is an alternative to the traditional SLR camera lenses which are not manufactured to withstand environments traditionally found in industrial applications.

Our 50 mm lens exceeds industry requirements for MTF, relative illumination, and low distortion - all important characteristics when working with expensive, large format cameras.

  • Ideal for use with full frame 11- and 16-megapixel sensors.

  • Manual iris and focus control.

  • Robust mechanical design.

  • Positive, single point, focus and iris locks.

  • Standard F-bayonet with option of M42 or C-mount.

  • Covers 43 mm diagonal sensor.

  • Raptar Lenses photo
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