PE Body Tubes

The Precise Eye system body tubes are the core component of this fixed optical relay lens system. Body tubes may be configured in a finite conjugate system with fixed working distances or in infinity corrected systems where objectives are utilized for greater magnification. All systems are modular and offer the ability to change magnification and working distance by changing the lens attachments or the adapter tubes. Options include:

  • Non Fine Focus: Perfect for applications where working distance and magnification are fixed. There are no adjustments to worry about after the system is installed.

  • Apertures: The aperture function allows the user to adjust the amount of light that flows through the system without adjusting light source intensity. The aperture also can improve depth of field when it is adjusted properly.

  • Fine Focus: For applications without separate moving support systems, the Fine Focus body tubes offer focus over a 3 mm (coaxial models only.

  • Polarizer: An optical device which converts natural or un-polarized light into polarized light by selective absorption of rays in one direction, and passing of rays perpendicular to the polarizing medium. Usually fabricated from stretched plastic sheets with oriented, parallel bi-refringent crystals.

  • Coaxial Illumination: Coaxial / on axis illumination is most effective when imaging flat specular surfaces. By integrating the coaxial illumination port, a collimated, diffused and uniform illumination source is integrated into a zoom lens. Coaxial illumination can also be attached parallel to the body of the Precise Eye.

Part # Description Price Quantity
1-61456 Body Tube, Non FF
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1-61449 Body Tube, 3 mm FF
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1-62473 Body Tube, 3 mm FF, Aperture
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1-61817 Body Tube, Coax, 3 mm FF, Polarizer
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1-61446 Body Tube, Coax, 3 mm FF
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1-62707 Body Tube, Non FF, Coax
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1-62247 Body Tube, Right Angle Coax, 3 mm FF
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