12X Couplers

C-Mount: The camera industry standard for coupling to camera sensors that are smaller than 20 mm in diagonal is a “C-mount”. This is required on all Zoom 6000 and 12x zoom systems that are used with cameras that have sensors that are 20 mm diagonal or smaller.

Eng Coupling Kit: This coupling kit allows for connection to most 3-CCD cameras that are bayonet, hot shoe or ENG style. The kit contains the appropriate spacers and mounting hardware to make this connection to the Zoom 6000.

Microscope Objective Couplers: Designed to allow for the coupling of Infinity corrected objectives to the UltraZoom 6000. 800 x 36T, M26 x 36T and M25 x 36T couplers are available.

Part # Description Price Quantity
2-50028 Universal Coupler for use with Laser Injection Port - 12X onlySpecs & Docs $132.00
1-6010 C-mount CouplerSpecs & Docs $67.00
2-50025 Microscope Objective Coupler - M26 X 36T RMSSpecs & Docs $74.00
2-50026 Microscope Objective Coupler - 0.800 X 36T RMSSpecs & Docs $74.00
2-51370 Microscope Objective Coupler - M25 X 0.75T RMSSpecs & Docs $126.00
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