12X Adapter Tubes

An adapter tube is a required component for the complete 12X Zoom system. When combined with the C-mount coupler, the adapter tube places the camera sensor at the optical image plane of the zoom system. Most adapter tubes contain some kind of focusing action to critically align the sensor with the image plane, thus producing a system that zooms in focus (parfocal zoom).

12X Zoom adapter tubes are available in magnification ranges from 0.5X to 5.0X. To provide flexibility to the overall system length, adapter tubes are available in compressed "mini" and “short” versions. Choosing a right angle adapter and mount allow you to vary the orientation and optical path of the system.

2X F-mount: Designed for covering large format sensors (up to 16 mm diagonal with 12X Zoom). It is configured as an F-mount, but its “T” mount interface permits switching to other common flange formats. A right angle version is available for use with right angle mounts.

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