2/3" Sensor, Apidae Wide and Narrow

The Apidae lens is a compact, wide angle lens aimed at 2/3" sensors such as Sony IMX250 or IMX264 which have a diagonal of 11mm. These sensors have a pixel size of 3.45µm and Nyquist spatial frequency of 145 lp/mm. The Apidae offers 142° diagonal field. 

Focal Length 4.3mm
F/number f/2.8
Field of View 142° diagonal, 110° H, 93° V
Image Circle 11.0mm
Waveband 450nm-650nm
MTF >50% to 90% field at 145 lp/mm
Total Track Length 40mm
Diameter TBC
Weight TBC
Stray Light Rejection <IE 10-4 (In-field) <IE 10-5 (Out-of-field)
Focus Stability Athermal



  • All glass construction
  • Rectilinear distortion correction (Narrow)
  • F-0 distortion (Wide)
  • Telecentric
  • Athermal operation
  • Superior stray light rejection
  • Optimized for HDR imaging applications
  • Survival temperature range -40C to + 70C
  • Operating temperature range -20C to +SOC


  • POV and action cameras
  • Virtual and augmented reality cameras
  • UAV and Robotic Imaging
  • Automotive - including autonomous vehicles
  • High-resolution security and surveillance
  • Police/fire body cameras
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