Simulation companies produce a wide variety of solutions for customers.  At the high end are FAA-approved full motion simulators that closely duplicate military and civilian pilot environments.  Images created for these solutions have specific requirements for parameters such as pixel offset and color separation.  Navitar's design team understand the nuances involved in creating lenses to meet these needs.  Our advanced optical configurations achieve optimum visual performance and satisfy varying demands of simulation regardless of the need for full-field, partial domes, or front or rear projection.

Navitar has worked directly with a number of top simulation companies around the world and has established close working relationships with projector manufacturers in Japan, Taiwan, and Europe. We understand the importance of axial color, pixel registration, light engine specifications and anti-ghosting techniques, among other optical requirements, that are all crucial for creating the highest quality optical solution for a given application. Our lenses have been used with full field vision, partial dome, and front/rear screen applications.

HM117 Flight Simulation Example

The steep projection angle to the base of the screen reduces cockpit shadowing & maximizes downwards field of view from the screen center.

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