Navitar has been supplying imaging lenses to metrology customers for over 20 years. Our Zoom 6000 and 12X Zoom high magnification systems are ideal for on-process and post-process measurement applications. They easily move through the range of travel with little-to-no distortion or loss of focus. They offer the high contrast levels required to produce sharp black white edges allowing for highly accurate, precise images. 

Navitar lenses are used worldwide in non-contact vision based systems to measure and inspect surface form, waviness and roughness on sheet metal parts, automotive interior parts, turbine blades, medical devices, tools, and anything too large to fit within the frame of a CMM.

Metrology application

Recent projects:

  • 20X, 0.5 NA microscope objective with 8 lens elements (one aspheric), nearly diffraction limited over the 400‑700 nm wavelength range and the full field of view for metrology application

  • Precise Eye high magnification fixed lens used in visual metrology instrument with 5-axis motion.

  • 12X Zoom lens used in inspection tool for ophthalmic instruments

  • Zoom 6000 and 12X Zoom lenses used in optical inspection and measurement machines for the printed circuit board fabrication industry.

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