General FAQs

Samples, Drawings, and Training

Q: Are outline drawings and data available for Navitar components?

Outline drawings in pdf format may be downloaded from our website on the product page.

Q: Are solid models of Navitar systems available?

Solid models, in step and dxf format, are also available for download on our website. Other formats may be requested, however, please allow a few days of lead-time for other file formats. Contact your regional sales manager for these files.

Q: Does Navitar provide lens samples?

Yes, Navitar offers a 45-day evaluation program so you can receive product samples to test in your application. After the 45-day period, the customer can either purchase or return the product. Navitar will pay for the initial shipping charges. Duty and taxes on export shipments are paid by the importing company. If the product is returned, the customer is responsible for return-shipping charges. Complete our 45-Day Evaluation Form

Q: How do I get samples for evaluation?

Detailed instructions on how to obtain lens samples can be found on our 45-Day Evaluation Form

Q: Can customers send samples to Navitar and get back images?

Yes, contact your local Navitar sales representative for details regarding your specific need. Click here to find your local sales representative.

Q: Do you offer product training sessions?

Currently, our product training sessions are conducted individually at the customer site. Contact your local sales rep to arrange for training on any of our products.

Delivery and Payment

Q: What is the standard delivery/lead time for Navitar products?

Navitar builds most products to order. Delivery times will be quoted on an order-by-order basis.

Q: What volume discounts or special pricing do you offer?

Contact your dealer or Navitar sales representative for applicable discounts.

Q: What payment options are available? Can I pay by credit card?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards. Payments can also be made by wire transfer in advance. Credit terms are available to those customers that complete our credit application. Contact your Navitar Sales representative for a copy of this application.

Q: Do you charge a handling fee when you ship products?

Yes, we charge a nominal handling fee for all shipments.

Repairs and Returns

Q: Can we return the product if it doesn't work with our application?

Yes, you may return your product, however, please keep in mind restocking charges of up to 35% may be applied to returns. See terms and conditions for details. We encourage you to discuss your application with a Navitar sales rep prior to placing your order.

Q: What do we do when we need to have a lens repaired? Can a dealer repair it?

We urge our dealers to return all products to our factory for any repairs. Unauthorized dis-assembly will result in voiding the product warranty. Many product repairs require specialized knowledge and tools/equipment.

How to Order from Navitar

Q: Who do I place my order with?

Orders can be placed with your local authorized Navitar dealer, directly with a Navitar account representative, or online at our website.

Q: How do I find an authorized Navitar dealer?

To locate a Navitar dealer, please contact your Navitar Sales Representative.

Q: Can I buy directly from Navitar?

Navitar has a worldwide dealer network to assist you in specifying and ordering your products, however, you can always contact Navitar to place orders.

Other Questions?

Q: My question is not listed here. How do I get my question answered?

You can e-mail your question to Navitar through our Contact Us form, contact your local sales representative, or call Navitar directly at 1-585-359-4000.

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