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Navitar Trademarks

The Navitar® name is an extremely unique trademark created by the founder of Navitar, Inc., Mr. David Goldstein, in 1954. It is currently registered world-wide. In addition, Navitar holds several product trademarks. Navitar and our affiliated companies sell products world-wide into numerous industries and within various industry classifications.

Navitar has a long history of aggressively protecting our IP and trademark rights in international markets.We have the following trademarks registered in China:

Trademark and Registration Number

Navitar / 3759853

Navitar / 3906723

Special Optics / 1248888

Zoom 6000 / 1242392

Optical Wizard / 1294444

Easy Reader / 1273885

HemiStar / 1231090

MagniStar / 1245690

MicroMate / Pending

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