May 19, 2022
Navitar Introduces SingleShot™ Modular Objective Lens System for High Resolution and Wide Field of View Image Capture

Navitar, a global provider of integrated lens and camera imaging solutions, announced the release of their new SingleShot™ Wide Field Objective Imaging System, ideal for high-end industrial applications such as semiconductor wafer inspection, FPD inspection, and MEMS, and life science and biomedical applications such as multi-well experiments and cell imaging.

The Navitar SingleShot™ is a modular fixed focal length imaging system that combines the field of view of a macro lens, with the resolution of a microscope objective. Optimized for use with larger camera sensors, such as 4/3”, 1.1” and 1” formats.  The system is compatible with coaxial, ring lighting, and Kohler style illumination. Digital zoom, or region of interest functionality is fully supported when combined with a Pixelink CMOS or 10GigE camera. The lens was designed to be the perfect compliment for the Sony IMX530 sensor (PL-X9524) at 2.74 micron pixels. This makes the lens one of the few products on the market that can fully utilize this 24MP sensor.

Navitar’s new imaging system offers feature resolution of 1.3 microns at a ~10mm field of view. For comparison, a traditional long working distance 10X objective would resolve the same feature size at a FOV of 2.4mm. This is ideal for magnifying smaller regions of interest to better observe cellular activity or closely examine defect characteristics.

“Increased throughput and speed of data collection is extremely important in every industry today,” comments Jeremy Goldstein, co-CEO of Navitar.  “In biological research and instruments especially, capturing a larger surface area of a sample decreases the amount of time to collect meaningful data and the possibility of photo bleaching of labeled cells. Time previously spent moving the optics, the stage, or waiting for software to stitch multiple images together, is greatly reduced when using the SingleShot™ system.”

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