April 09, 2020
Complex Research Requires an Experienced Optical Design Partner

Navitar lens designs are driven by requirements and applications of our customers. Innovative ideas and unconventional solutions developed by OEM instrument makers and the research community cannot be supported by commercial off-the-shelf microscope objectives.

We support customers pushing the limits of microscopy in life science research, life science OEM instruments, semiconductor, light sheet microscopy, two-photon, multiphoton and physical science research.

Our expertise is designing multi-element high NA precision assemblies with diffraction limited performance as well as objectives for single wavelength sampling with modest resolution demands requiring commercial tolerance assembly techniques.

Specialized Designs for Challenging Applications

Our lenses meet performance requirements of cutting-edge research technologies including:

  • Immersion
  • Multiphoton
  • TIRF
  • diSPIM/Open SPIM
  • LSFM
  • Two-Photon
  • PALM
  • Light Sheet Microscopy
  • Cold Fermion / Atom Trapping
  • Deep Tissue Imaging
  • Quantum Microscopy
  • Live Cell Analysis

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