June 08, 2015
Navitar Fisheye Lens for Ultra Bright 4K Cove Projection



ROCHESTER, NY — June 8, 2015 — Navitar, a global leader in optical technology, announced today the addition of the HM4K‐178 projection lens to their established line of HemiStar® fisheye lenses. This 17.82mm focal length F‐Theta fisheye lens was designed to work with 1.38” panel projectors based on Texas Instrument’s 4K DLP technology, including popular digital cinema projectors from Barco, Christie and Digital Projection.

The HM4K‐178 high brightness lens produces a wide projection angle of 105° X 53° with full 4096 x 2160 resolution. It is an ideal lens solution for theme park and downtown entertainment rides, immersive environments, simulation, and planetarium applications.

Integrators designing 4K multi‐projector systems have seen great success with the Navitar lens, specifically, two projector cove mount installations. The HM4K‐178 projects 105° horizontally and creates the perfect size blend area, or (overlap), required for a seamless image to be achieved, when used in a cross shoot installation.

Julian Goldstein, President of Navitar, comments, “The image quality produced with the Christie D4K2560 is absolutely outstanding – crisp, bright, and flawless."


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