January 31, 2017
Navitar Introduces Resolv4K™ Zoom Imaging System

Navitar Introduces Resolv4K™ Zoom Imaging System

Offers Large FOV, Superior Resolution and Fast, Precise Image Capture

Rochester, New York – January 27, 2017Navitar, Inc, a leading US based manufacturer of imaging optics, introduces their next generation high performance, high resolution Resolv4K Zoom Lens System for customers requiring a larger field of view and high magnification. The patent pending optical design of the Resolv4K offers a 400-600% larger field of view compared to traditional zoom systems on the market today.

The new Resolv4K lens series was designed to first order optical principles maximizing the usage of modern sensors with high pixel densities. More system NA allows 25-80% increases in contrast at listed feature resolution compared to competitive zoom systems.  Numerous adapter options allow users to employ a range of sensors from 1/2” through APS (32mm) formats and beyond.

Key features of the Resolv4K system include:

  • Large field of view combined with exceptional resolution
  • High contrast imaging up to 12MP sensors of all formats
  • Superior visible wavelength axial color correction
  • Uncompromising performance in broad wavelength applications with Vis-NIR and SWIR options
  • Achieves faster image capture of a greater area without any loss of detail
  • Enhanced illumination from center to edge, even in large FOV configurations

As with all Navitar imaging lens systems, the Resolv4K is modular in design. The core zoom module is available in manual or motorized, with or without coaxial illumination, and offers a wide variety of lens adapters and attachments. Visible, Vis-NIR and SWIR coating options are also available. For even higher magnification applications, the system pairs seamlessly with large aperture Navitar HR microscope objectives.

Donald Ehinger, Vice President of International Sales, comments, “The Resolv4K’s high NA and excellent aberration correction gives more precise measurements than ever before.  Our metrology dealers and customers will certainly appreciate its performance power.” 




About Navitar, Inc.

Navitar, Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures innovative optical solutions for customers and enterprises across the globe. Solutions include complete optomechanical and electro-optical assemblies and sub-assembly systems. Navitar components and systems are used in a wide variety of industries including life science, medical, defense and security, industrial, entertainment and projection. Applications include machine vision, electronics, semiconductor process, metrology, UV lithography, non-contact measurement, IR imaging, simulation, planetarium, amusement, laser projection, autonomous vehicles, surveillance, cinematography, and VR. www.navitar.com.



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