Navitar Industries
Diamond Turning Capabilities

Diamond Turning equipment:

  • Precitech Nanoform 700 with B-Axis and Slow Tool Servo

  • Nanoform 250 with High Speed Spindle

  • Nanoform 200

  • Optimum 2400

Measuring instruments include:

  • Zygo™ NuView 700 3D Profiler

  • Form Talysurf™ Series 2 PGI

  • Zygo™ GPI  interferometers

Capabilities include:

  • Substrates up to 24" in diameter

  • Surface roughness of less than 25 angstroms RMS

  • Figure accuracy of 1/8 wave at 632.8 nm

  • IR optical materials including AMTIR™, calcium fluoride, germanium, silicon, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, and Mult-Spectral zinc sulfide

  • Metal optics, mirror and mold materials including aluminum, brass, copper, and electroless nickel

  • Polymers and semiconductor materials

  • Supporting high volume production programs

Diamond Turned applications include:

  • Telescope mirrors

  • IR lens assemblies

  • Aspheric, toroidal and off-axis shapes

  • Diffractive and fresnel optics

  • Polygons and fold mirrors

  • Axicons and waxicons
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